Don't stress! We suggest double checking around your property, mailbox, front desk/locker area, and with neighbors first.

If your order is marked delivered in the United States:

It is recommended by the couriers to wait an additional 5 business days for delivery. It is very common for packages to be delivered a few days after initially being marked as delivered.

If your order is marked delivered outside of the United States:

Couriers recommend waiting an additional 2 business days for delivery. If you still haven't received your package by the third business day, please proceed in opening a claim through your local courier.

If you have waited these extra days, or would like further assistance looking into your package's delivery, please contact our Support Team!

Please contact us within 15 days of the delivery date. This will ensure that our team is able to provide further steps for you.

By accepting our terms & conditions, customer agrees that if a package is lost/stolen during transit, we cannot replace goods. Order will only be replaced if customer purchased Route Shipping Insurance at checkout. To add shipping insurance, go back to your cart & toggle “on” button above checkout button.

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